Our flock of sheep and very small (but growing!) herd of Dexter cattle are key tools in our Regenerative Farming journey, helping us to build soil and biodiversity below the ground. They are the workhorses that chow down on our pasture, leave their dung and manure behind and assist us in sequestering carbon into the soil.

Throughout the height of the growing season, we “Mob Graze” our animals. This short duration, high density grazing with long periods of rest and recovery benefit both our animals and our pastures. Our animals thrive thanks to routine access to fresh pasture and a reduced parasite burden. Letting the pasture grow longer means the roots continue to grow and bring up more nutrients and minerals from deep below the ground. This extended growth means more sugar is pushed deep into the soil, feeding microbes and storing carbon.

When we graze a paddock, our goal is to graze 1/3, leave 1/3, and trample 1/3. This trampled growth, along with the animals’ dung and and urine decompose to build soil organic matter and feed the soil biology.

The health of our pasture and the health of our livestock starts with robust life underground – so our focus is on the soil, where life begins.

Grass Fed & Finished Lamb

We have a mixed flock of around 60 ewes. As our sheep farming journey has evolved, we have started to transition to a lowland flock of New Zealand Romney sheep that are prized for their ability to finish on grass. Most lambs around west Kerry would be sold on as stores to farmers in the midlands with more grass available to them, but our goal is to finish as many as possible here on Acumeen Farm 0. Rather than pumping them full of grain as many farmers might, we are instead hoping for them to grow slowly and naturally on grass and grass alone. Finishing them on the farm, slaughtering them locally in Kerry and delivering them direct to you reduces the miles on your food and our own collective carbon footprint. 

Lamb boxes should be available from late autumn – keep an eye on our online store for details. 

Grass Fed & Finished Dexter Beef

We have recently added Dexter cattle to ‘the mob’ which moves around the farm. This mixed grazing should result in even healthier pastures as sheep and cattle have a different grazing pattern and preference. Sheep are more selective in their grazing, and graze only plants they like, whereas cattle with larger rumens can’t afford to be as selective.

Dexter beef is highly prized due to its excellent marbling and flavor, and we can’t wait to offer grass fed and finished beef soon in our shop